Buying a timeshare in Riviera Maya is an ideal option for travelers who want to invest in their future vacations.

Whether you want to buy a new timeshare, buy a second-hand timeshare, or even learn what a timeshare is, Riviera Maya is a top tourist destination with all the above options.

Finding a Timeshare in the Riviera Maya to Buy

Riviera Maya timeshares come in a variety of styles including resorts, villas, and condos. The most popular form of timeshares are in Riviera Maya is resorts.

While it offers slightly less privacy than a villa or condo, most resorts come with a variety of amenities including golf course, spa, pools, restaurants, etc.

Some of the most popular resort timeshares are Mayan Palace Riviera Maya, Grand Mayan Riviera Maya, Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya; and Grand Velas Riviera Maya

Buying at a Timeshare Tour

Going on a timeshare tour is a great way to see the property you are considering buying and get more information on the buying process. You can determine what the amenities are and get a good feel for the area and accommodations.

Many companies offer incentives for travelers to attend a timeshare presentation. They may offer discounted rooms, free dinners, or even cash.

Finding a Timeshare Tour

You can look up different timeshare companies before arriving in Riviera Maya or just set one up during you stay. The hotel you are staying in will likely have information or even a representative you can speak to.

If you decide you do want to buy a timeshare, it is advisable to negotiate with the sales representative. To avoid any miscommunication, it’s best to ask as many questions as possible, read all the fine print, and don’t assume anything.

Timeshare representatives tend to use high-pressure sales tactics so it is wise to prepare for this.

Buying a Timeshare for Sale by Owner

Timeshare owners use a variety of methods to sell their timeshare. Some popular options include live auction websites like Ebay, print classified ads, and online directories like Redweek. More people than you may think own timeshares making word-of-mouth another popular method for finding timeshares.

Buying a Timeshare from Third-Party Companies

There are also third-party companies that owners may hire to sell their property. While this may be slightly more expensive, it might be a more efficient and professional option. These companies can be found online or at a travel agency in your town.

Buying a Riviera Maya Timeshare Resale

A more economical option for buying a timeshare is to do so through resale. Whether you buy directly from the owner or through a third party company, you can pay a fraction of what the original owner paid. It is important to note that with resale buys, many of the options (points, transfers, etc) do not apply.

Also verify the reputability of the owner or company being used. As with first-hand sales, be sure to not make assumptions, read the fine print, and ask questions.