Selling a timeshare in Riviera Maya is no easy task, but Riviera Maya is undoubtedly a choice vacation spot with high tourist rates. This will make selling your timeshare resale slightly easier than most.

Below is information on where to sell your timeshare, fees associated with selling your timeshare and more.

Where to Sell Riviera Maya Timeshares

There are several outlets you can use to advertise your timeshare. These mediums vary in price, response rates and users. Remember the more ways you list your timeshare, the more likely you are to find a buyer.


Many sellers chose to use online auctions like EBay. Here, you set a minimum price and have prospective buyers set their bid. This is an easy, free and quick way to advertise. It is also a good way to gauge buyer interest and help set a price.


The tried-and true-way to sell anything is through classified ads. Whether you chose print or online classifieds, this is another economical way to advertise your Riviera Maya timeshare. Pictures and thorough descriptions can send a clear message of what amenities, styles and size your timeshare has.

There are a number of online sites including Redweek and Tug that are devoted solely to timeshare sales, resales and rentals. Craigslist is another popular and free consumer resale website that generates a lot of timeshare traffic.

Timeshare Brokers

If you want to avoid some of the hassle and on-going fees of selling your timeshare on your own, it’s common to use a third-party company or broker. While this may be more expensive, it is usually a faster and easier way to sell your timeshare.

You should pay the broker based on commission. If you pay him/her for their time or with up-front fees, they have little incentive to actually sell your timeshare

Pricing Riviera Maya Timeshares for Sale

When considering the price to offer your timeshare, you must think of how heavy supply (timeshare sellers) outweighs demand (timeshare buyers). There are a number of people trying to sell their timeshares to a market that may not even know timeshares can be bought second-hand.

Also, like a used car, the resale value of a timeshare is far less than the market value of a new timeshare. Because of this, most successful timeshare sellers need to put the price of their timeshare considerably lower than originally determined.

Pricing Competitively

The lower you price your timeshare, the faster it will sell. But obviously you want to get something back from your investment. It becomes a balance of the money you walk away with and the time and effort you’re willing to put in. But the bottom line is that if you want to sell your timeshare fast,  price it low.

Comparing Competition

The best way to gauge how much you should set your timeshare for is to look around. Check out the places mentioned above and see what other Riviera Maya timeshares are going for.

Riviera Maya Timeshare Donations

If you want to get rid of your timeshare, but don’t want to deal with the stress and trouble that comes with finding a buyer, you can always choose to donate it. In most cases this yields less money, but is a good option when you’re not finding any buyers or want a simple solution. If you are paying high commission or listing fees and want a quick and easy solution, this is a good option.

A timeshare donation is tax-deductible and uses the fair market value of the property.

The charity  handles all the transfer information. Timeshare donation is only possible if you have no loans on the timeshare and poses the legal paperwork and rights of the timeshare.