Exploring Cozumel’s Chankanaab Park

by Noella Schink on October 10, 2011

On our honeymoon, my new husband and I were eager to spend as much time underwater as possible. New flippers in tow, we arrived in Cozumel and headed straight to Chankanaab Park. Just a short taxi ride from downtown, the park’s employees welcomed us warmly.

Beach at Chankanaab Photo provided by Ed Schipul

Our guide, Gizmo, gave us a brief history of the park and then we set off for the beach. Soft white sand, upbeat Mexican music floating from the bar and bright, clear water set the mood. Making our way to the entry dock, we peered over the rail to the dolphin pool where squeals of excitement were abundant as visitors met their new flipper-slapping friends.

Beach at Chankanaab Photo provided by Ed Schipul

An Emersion of Sea Life and Mayan Relics in Chankanaab Park, Cozumel

With the grace of golden retriever puppies, we flopped into the water and adjusted our snorkels, tightened our fins another notch, and set off kicking. Instantly nose to nose with a flurry of Crayola-painted fish, we swam to sunken statues and many thriving coral formations. The sunlight illuminated every dome of brain coral and the wavy anemone glowed bright pink and green. The enthusiastic cloud of fish was thick as ever and they darted and posed for our underwater cameras.

Tang in Chankanaab Park - Cozumel Photo provided by Jim Bahn

Gizmo was animated and very informative, diving to point out lionfish, spider crabs and even a wee sea horse! The water wasn’t completely calm, but we didn’t have any problems staying with the group.

Paradise Reef - A Seahorse Photo provided by Scott Hughes

After the snorkel, we explored the rest of the park. The lush nature trail that looped around the lagoon offered perfect photo ops with Mayan themed relics and native flora. We saw many curious iguanas!

The Perfect End to A Day’s Adventure in Chankanaab Park, Cozumel

Stone Face Idol

Photo provided by marbla123

We made it back from our stroll just in time to catch the sea lion show which was both very cute and impressive.

The charismatic troupe of sea lions did hand stands, (flipper stands, rather), caught hula hoops and blew raspberries, much to everyone’s delight.

We lounged in the salt water pool waiting for our nachos and dos cervezas and then, with gusto, enjoyed the tasty snack.

Tang in Chankanaab Park - Cozumel Photo provided by Bobby Edwards

Next time we are in Cozumel, we will certainly return to Chankanaab with hopes to do the dolphin encounter, kayaking Snuba and definitely more snorkeling!

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