The Riviera Maya is a large region, so unless you are staying at an all inclusive resort, or are very comfortable using the public transportation system in Mexico, renting a car is probably your best option. You can also take taxis around if you so choose.


  • Be prepared for your trip by getting a map. You can even ask someone to mark it for you, generally hotel attendants will be more then happy to do so.
  • Before you get in your cab, try to figure out what a fair price for your trip will be. Hotel attendants can often help you with this. Sometimes cab drivers don’t use meters, so it helps if you have an idea of how much you should be paying for your trip.

Public Transportation and Buses

  • Try to plan your bus routes ahead of time, and have either a map of bus routes, or just a normal map. It isn’t guaranteed that any bus driver will speak English, so having a map can help you cross language barriers and get directions.
  • When boarding buses don’t be surprised if they are overly crowded, as there are no passenger limits for public vehicles in Mexico.
  • Make sure you have correct change for the bus rides you will be taking. Most bus drivers will not be able to break bills and give you change.