Timeshares in Riviera Maya are a fantastic option for those who want the privacy of owning a property without the cost of owning it year-round.

Riviera Maya is a top vacation spot – making buying or renting a timeshare a great way to enjoy the area year after year.

What is a Timeshare?

A timeshare is a joint ownership of a vacation property that is co-owned with other travelers who alternate staying at the accommodation throughout the year.

When you purchase a timeshare in the Riviera Maya, you will own the right to use the property for a certain period of time on a recurring basis.

Length of Stay

Generally the average stay for a Riviera Maya timeshare is one week per year. Timeshare packages can also include time periods like multiple weeks a year or one week every other year. You may also be able to break down the week into several smaller segments so you can go more times during the week.

Most Riviera Maya timeshare properties offer a fixed week (you go the same week, every year) or a floating week (you select a different week every year).


A timeshare is usually in the form of an apartment style accommodation but may also be condominium, villa or resort. In Riviera Maya, most of the timeshare properties are part of larger resorts.


Timeshares generally come equipped with full kitchen or kitchenette. You should always ask beforehand, but it is not uncommon for timeshares in the Rivera Maya to have linens, plates, silverware, decoration, general appliances and other basic home goods.

Many Riviera Maya timeshares are in resorts, which means there is likely a gym, pool, concierge, etc.

Attending a Riviera Maya Timeshare Presentation

A good way to learn more about what a timeshare in the Riviera Maya has to offer is to attend a free informative presentation. Most companies have representatives that will speak with you about the benefits and conveniences of owning a timeshare.

These presentations can be set up at your hotel or at an agency in the area.

Riviera Maya Timeshare Promotions

If you attend a presentation, many timeshare companies will offer promotions like complimentary tours or reduced-rates for a future timeshare stay. They may also give you discounts or gift certificates to local restaurants, activities and sometimes even cash.

Types of Timeshares in Riviera Maya

  • Fee Simple or Deeded Timeshare: This type of timeshare legally entities you a percentage of the ownership of the property.
  • Certificate/Leased or “Right to Use:” This type of timeshare does not actually involve a legal deed of ownership but rather allows you to use the timeshare for your set amount of time.
  • Point Based: This type of timeshare generally is used for companies with multiple properties. Throughout the time you own a timeshare, you earn and use points. Points can be used at different locations and times. A Vacation Club is usually a point based timeshare program.

Popular Timeshares in Riviera Maya

There are many popular timeshares along the Riviera Maya coast. Here are just a few of the best timeshares in the Riviera Maya:

Mayan Palace Riviera Maya

The Mayan Palace Riviera Maya is a mega-resort with all the amenities need for a luxurious vacation. There is a golf course, gourmet restaurant, spa, and multiple water activities.

Grand Mayan Riviera Maya

This resort does a great job of combining the local culture and history of the Mayans with the elegance of a high-class Mexican resort. A Grand Mayan Riviera Maya timeshare is perfect for those who want a relaxing and luxurious way to experience Riviera Maya.

Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya

The Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya prides themselves on having the largest coral reef on the Mayan Riviera situated on their shores. A timeshare at Grand Sirenis Riviera Maya is ideal for those that want to go swimming, snorkeling, or diving to see the rich biodiversity of the area. There is also cenotes (natural sinkholes unique to the Riviera Maya) where you and your party can swim and explore.

Grand Velas Riviera Maya

The Grand Velas Riviera Maya is a beautifully designed and built resort that provides comfort, style, and luxury. With tasteful décor, relaxing lounge areas and gourmet dining; a Grand Velas Riviera Maya timeshare is perfect for a romantic vacation, golf getaway or spa weekend. It is right on the coast allowing for water-activities.

Renting, Owning or Buying a Timeshare In Riviera Maya

Buying a timeshare: A timeshare can be bought at a resort, with a timeshare agency, or second-hand through a variety of companies. The most important thing to consider is company reputability. Be sure to look at the companies website and see what others are saying.

Renting a Timeshare: If you are deterred by the cost, risk, or commitment of buying a timeshare but like the luxury it offers, you may chose to rent a timeshare. If you own a time share but can’t use your allowed time, you can rent out your occupancy allowance to someone else. You can also trade with other members.

Selling Your Timeshare: When you decide that you no longer wish to own your timeshare, selling your timeshare is a very common practice. This is best done through a reputable company that can arrange contacts and get you the best deal.Based on your contract you may or may not be able to sell it to the company from which you bought it from.

    Overall timeshares are a great idea for families, couples and friends who want the privacy of owning a property without the cost of owning it year-round.