Renting a timeshare in Riviera Maya is a perfect option for someone deterred by the commitment and cost associated with owning a timeshare but still want the privacy and comfort.

Renting out your timeshare is also a good option if you are a timeshare owner who can’t use it during your allowed time.

Finding Riviera Maya Timeshares for Rent

Major Hotel Chains

A number of hotels offer timeshare rental options in addition to regular rooms. When you call or look-up the hotel of your choice, check if there are timeshare rental choices available.

Ebay and other auction sites

When owners realize they won’t be staying at their timeshare, they often will sell it on their own. Popular auction sites like Ebay are common places this is done. is another website specifically for timeshare rentals where you can browse properties and availability dates.

Directly From the Timeshare Property

If you know exactly where you want to rent a timeshare, many times the property manager will have information about renting a timeshare and availability dates.

When to Rent a Timeshare in the Riviera Maya

Mexico’s Riviera Maya has only two seasons – high and low. High (dry) season lasts from November to April. The weather during this time is around 80 degrees and every day is sunny. Low (wet) season lasts from May through November. This season has a lot of rainfall, cloudy days and humidity.

Obviously high season is a more desirable time to go and thus competition for renting a timeshare is higher. So if you are willing to chance the weather, you can find a much less expensive timeshare between the months of May-November.

Benefits of Renting a Timeshare in Riviera Maya

Larger Size

Timeshares are generally much more spacious than a regular hotel room. With a kitchen, dining room, living room and bedrooms, you and your party will have a more comfortable and private area to relax.

Household Amenities

Timeshares are managed by agencies or resorts that make sure the accommodations are well-equipped and orderly in between guests. Furniture, bedding, silverware and common household goods are provided increasing the comforts of home living while on your vacation.

Renting a Riviera Maya Timeshare can be a Deal

Owners have already bought the time they are allowed to stay in their timeshare. When they decide they will not be staying there, they try selling it so it’s not a complete loss. Because of this, properties sell much lower than they would normally go for.

With a full kitchen and entertainment area, you can save money by cooking and staying in instead of restaurants or outside entertainment.

Header 3 Flexibility of Renting a Riviera Mayan Timeshare

On aspect that makes renting a timeshare so nice is the flexibility you get. Whereas owning a timeshare commits you to specific time, you can chose whatever date suits best without losing anything. If you want to rent a timeshare for a weekend, that is also possible. It’s all about negotiating with the owner.

Owner Reputability

When you decide which timeshare you want to rent, make sure the owner is reputable and trustworthy. Read all the fine print and see what others are saying.

Renting Your Riviera Maya Timeshare

Finding a Renter

If you own a timeshare and looking to rent it out, Riviera Maya is not a hard sell. You can try to sell on your own:

* Post in

* Ask friends if they would be interested

* Advertise in online auctions like Ebay

* Post in classified sections or newsletters

You may also choose to use a third-party company.

Profiting from your timeshare

While many wouldn’t think of timeshares as a lucrative business idea, timeshares generate quite a lot of money and if you are savvy about the process, it can be very profitable.

If you do decide to buy property hoping to rent it out,  there are a few things you should make sure of:

  • Note the company and local fees and restrictions associated with renting out your timeshare. These fees can significantly add up.
  • Buy a timeshare that people would want to stay in. Remember this accommodation will be for others.
  • Buy a timeshare in the low season to get the best deal.
  • Make sure you know you the legal aspects of your deed and property title thoroughly.