Top 5 Riviera Maya Activities

by Lindsay MacDonnell on March 7, 2011

Being an adventure-seeker myself, I can say I had a thrilling time and made some great memories in Riviera Maya.

If you want to condense all the enchanting vibrancy of Mexico’s lush jungles, sandy shores, archaeological treasures, and exhilarating activities in to one place, look no further than Riviera Maya.

There is more than enough adventure to be had in Riviera Maya. This list of great Riviera Maya activities will help you make the most this little slice of paradise!


Want to swing through the treetops of Riviera Maya’s beautiful jungle with your heart pounding and your eyes taking in all the wonder of the magical place? One activity for the adrenaline junkie in everyone is zip-line canopying.

Canopying involves being harnessed to a wheel on a cable that will safely enable you glide through the air and have a bird’s eye view of all the trees, landscape, and wildlife. This is an unforgettable experience and an activity that while exhilarating, won’t make you nauseous or petrified.

Riviera Maya Snorkeling & Diving

An absolute must! There are many opportunities to see unique aquatic life that will blow your socks off!  This area contains the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef System off the Caribbean coast which is where you’ll find some of the richest biodiversity in the world. The reef system is home to more than a ton of Caribbean aquatic animals including sea turtles,  American crocodiles, toadfish, manatees , whale sharks and of course, a huge array or coral.

Ruins of Tulum

The formal name of this site is Zama meaning dawn and that is no joke being situated on a 39-foot cliff overlooking the beautiful Caribbean shores on the eastern side. This well-preserved site has temples, murals, a fortress, a cenote, and a historical and archaeological richness that so vividly portrays the wonder of the Mayan culture and should not be missed on any adventurer’s trip to Riviera Maya.


A natural phenomenon found only here described as a sinkhole formed by underground water eroding away the surrounding stone.  This is where Mayans got their fresh water and was considered holy by these indigenous people.  Today you can swim, snorkel, and meander around these natural cave-like wonders.

But the beauty of an adventure is you can personalize it and make it the perfect experience for you and your crew. Have you had an incredible adventure in Riviera Maya? We’d love to hear about – tell, tell, tell!

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