Riviera Maya Timeshare Presentations: 7 Questions to Ask Your Presenter

by Lindsay MacDonnell on April 7, 2011

Concerning timeshare presentations in the Riviera Maya, you’ve probably heard the good, the bad and the ugly.

My parents own a timeshare and I’ve seriously been thinking of getting one myself. I have even attended several presentations.

Here’s my thinking: On one hand, my parents have barely used the timeshare they’ve owned for 6 years. On the other hand, timeshares have a great business model as a vacation investment. It stakes a lasting claim on a place you love at a relatively reasonable price.

Still, many people, my folks included, curse the day a timeshare presentation suckered them into buying one.

The bottom line is that timeshares are a good investment for the right person.

And if you think that might be you and you are headed to a timeshare presentation,  you should definitely go into that presentation prepared.

And remember, if the salesperson is being very vague, pushy or uninformative, find a more knowledgeable representative. Always ask to see pictures and testimonials.

Here are some questions you should ask your timeshare presenter to make sure the timeshare is right for you (and to avoid any kind of scam!)

What if something comes up and I can’t use my property?

You might be able to rent out your Riviera Maya timeshare to get a little money back. With most resorts, the company will find renters for you. Whether they find a renter or not, a fee may be charged.

It’s also important to know how the property handles renters you find on your own — whether it be friends, responders to a Craigslist ad, etc.

What if I don’t want my timeshare anymore?

“What was I thinking?!?”

If you end up feeling this way like my parents, it’s good to know ahead of time what the process, fees and losses are for trying to sell your Riviera Maya timeshare. Ask your timeshare presenter if you can sell it on your own or if you need to use a company broker.

What if my timeshare gets damaged?

Tropical storms, hurricanes, fires, volcanoes and more! Before buying, make sure the property has an insurance plan so you don’t spend your Riviera Maya vacation with a giant hole in your ceiling.

Will my timeshare be maintained?

In a timeshare presentation, many pictures show Riviera Maya timeshares with well-manicured lawns, beautiful decorations, flowers, fresh linens and white-washed walls. A few years of neglect can create a very different story.

Ask ahead of time at the timeshare presentation how often the units are updated and maintained so you don’t have to find old furniture and dead flowers.

What kind of legal ownership will I have?

There are a few different types of ownership you could be offered:

  • Deeded: the legal, partial ownership of the property.
  • Right-to-use: legally entitles you to use the property in your allowed time without actual ownership.

Make sure that you know exactly what you own – whether it be a lease, a deed or just a set of points.

What are the fees?

While 80 bucks here and 65 there doesn’t sound like too much, the fees and expenses of owning a timeshare really do add up. Find out the annual ownership, maintenance, transfer, and usage fees. Also ask how often or with what rate they increase.

Are there any advantages for me buying now?

Many times if you buy a Riviera Maya timeshare on the day of the presentation, you are entitled a ton of free stuff. ASK, ASK, ASK!

Try to negotiate and get more for your money. The salespeople start with a mediocre offer and have a lot of room to get you a better deal if you play it right.

Do you own a timeshare? What do you wish you had asked in the presentation?

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Jeff Stephen April 10, 2011 at 7:18 pm

Cool! I’m thinking about getting a timeshare with my girlfriend, but she’s a little reluctant. This will most definitely help us out!


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