Flight Info

In order to reach the Riviera Maya by airplane, you will have 2 main options. One is to fly into Cancun and drive south, and the other is to fly into Cozumel and take a ferry west to Playa Del Carmen. Time wise, the options don’t make too much of a difference, it’s more left up to personal preference. The Cancun airport is further north and about a 45 minute drive to Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. On this drive along the Caribbean coast, you get to travel slong the scenic highway 307 .  The Cozumel airport is further South East and only about a 30 minute ferry ride to Playa del Carmen. The ferry ride offers a unique experience of traversing the water between the island of Cozumel and the mainland of the Riviera Maya.

Cancun Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Cancún)

The Cancun International Airport has many of the services you would expect to find at any major airport, including: banks, a food court, restaurants, bars, business lounges and centers, retail, and car rental agencies. Most of these anemities are located in the main terminal, where the majority of domestic and international flights arrive. The Cancun airport has 70 different airlines that regularly pass through its gates and you would be hard pressed to find one that doesn’t fit your departure or price needs.

Visit our airport transportation guide for more details on how to reach the Riviera Maya from the Cancun Airport.

Cozumel Airport (Aeropuerto Internacional de Cozumel)

(987) 872-0485

Like Cancun, you can reach the Riviera Maya from Cozumel by a relatively short trip which will take you under an hour. Visit our airport transportation section for additional details.

The Cozumel airport is much smaller then the Cancun airport, but that doesn’t mean it is any less functional. The Cozumel Airport has many major airlines that fly to it, as well as many major car rental companies located within its terminals. Flying into Cozumel and renting a car, or using some other form of transportation within the city is incredibly simple. Cozumel is very easy to get around in, which makes reaching the ferry to Playa del Carmen very simple.

The Cozumel airport has international flights to and from Houston, New York,  Atlanta, Charlotte, Denver, Dallas, and Chicago.

Arlines that fly to Cozumel:

Continental Airlines

(987) 872-5995 / (987) 872-2847

US Airways

(987) 869-1831 / (987) 869-1830

Delta Airlines

(987) 869-0208 / (987) 869-0514

American Airlines

(987) 878-4308

Frontier Airlines

(987) 869-0998

Mayair (Cancun – Cozumel -Cancun air shuttle)

(998) 881-9413 / 1-800-566-2700